Book Tag: I Am More Happy Than Not

Hurray! I’ve been tagged by the super lovely Beatrice from Beatrice Learns to Read to do the I Am More Happy Than Not book tag! Created by Shelumiel from Bookish and Awesome, the tag is pretty straightforward–just list some things that make you more happy than not!


…when I’m reading a great book.

…when I spend time with the love of my life.

…when I’m listening to a great lecture in one of my university classes.

…when I’m in a museum.

…when I’m listening to music.

……when I’m recognized for my good or hard work.

…when I’m writing.

…when I’m daydreaming.

…when I’m traveling.

…when I’m talking about something I’m passionate about.

…when I’m watching a great movie.

…when I’m eating fantastic food.

…when I spend time with my family.

…when I spend time with my friends.

…when I play videogames (s/o to anything and everything by Bioware!).

…when I’m cooking or baking.

…when I’m watching my favourite real life crime shows.

…when I’m eating out at restaurants with great company.

…when I’m in a bookstore or library.

…when I’m on tumblr or twitter.

…when I’m grocery shopping.

…when I’m walking around somewhere scenic, like a beach or a ravine.

…when I talk to authors, at a signing, at a convention, or over twitter.

…when I’m thinking about my future.

…when people ask for my advice.

…when I’m at a convention (I’ve been going to Anime North and Fan Expo for years!).

…when I’m singing, and no one is listening.

…when I’m visiting a place with animals.

…when someone tells me they’ve thought of me.

This list could easily go on forever! But it’s a sweet thought–go out and find what you makes you happy in the world, and never forget the power of small things!

I think this is the part where I tag a few other people to participate in this tag? So, if you’re reading this, you’ve been tagged! Let me know if and when you post your own list, and I’ll add you here!

Cheers friends!


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