Happy Book Birthday – Auralict (The Divided Realms #3)

Title: Auralict13301603
Series: The Divided Realms (#3)
Author: Maggie L. Wood
Pages: 346
Release Date: September 30, 2015 (TODAY!)
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Following the nightmares of the Goblin’s Gauntlet, Willow faces life with a broken spirit and a broken heart. She is easy prey for the seductive faerie prince, Theon Thornheart, who tempts her with a powerful, addictive elixir that warps her magic. Meanwhile, dark forces in Clarion set the stage for a new Game that will place humans, faeries, and goblins in a magical battle of wits. Does Willow have the strength to resist Theon’s temptation and the ability to restore the Balance of the realms?

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It’s been a long time coming, but finally, the third book in The Divided Realms series has been released! If you’re a long-time fan (and you’ve waited even half as long as I have to get your hands on this book) there’s no time to waste! Will Willow and Brand end up mending their shattered relationship? Will Dacia find a way to enter the wold of Mistolear? Will the goblins make it to earth? What is Theon up to, and whose side is he really on? And what in the world has Malvin been up to?

But if you’re new to the series, let me introduce you to…

Title: Captured26804059
Series: The Divided Realms (#1)
Author: Maggie L. Wood
Pages: 199
Find it on Goodreads!

Willow Kingswell has been listening to her Nana’s tales of enchanted kingdoms for as long as she can remember. But when she is transported to the realm of Mistolear, she is stunned to learn that the stories were true. Suddenly, Willow has to fit into a royal family she didn’t know she had, deal with customs she doesn’t understand, and sort out her feelings for Brand, the knight who has sworn to protect her. Willow may also be the key to saving Mistolear from a terrifying spell that has trapped two kingdoms in a life-or-death chess match. Could she, a meager pawn, really be the most powerful piece on the board?

Buy it from: Amazon.ca | Amazon.com | Chapters/IndigoKobo

Title: The Darkening26804095
Series: The Divided Realms (#2)
Author: Maggie L. Wood
Pages: 203
Find it on Goodreads!

Life in a magical realm is anything but normal for reluctant princess, Willow Farrandale, but she is doing her best to adjust. She enjoys spending time with her new friends, especially her sworn knight Brand – despite his infuriatingly old-fashioned rules about “proper courtship.”

The peace does not last long, however, as a misstep in Clarion dooms Willow to play another faerie Game. Willow and Brand are thrown into the Goblin King’s Gauntlet, where a host of bloodthirsty creatures are on the hunt. Their only companions are two faerie siblings – the wily, inscrutable Dacia and the seductive Theon. Can Willow and Brand trust their “allies,” or are the siblings playing their own sinister Game?

Buy it from: Amazon.ca | Amazon.com | Chapters/IndigoKobo

I loved these books when I was in middle school, and I’m already about halfway through Auralict right now–I promise it won’t disappoint! I should hopefully have a review coming in the next week or two, so keep your eye out if you’re curious about the end of this fantastic series! Plus, I have an interview with the author herself lined up, so if you’ve ever had anything you’ve wanted to ask about the series, now’s your chance! Just comment below and I’ll do my best to include it.

*And as a fun bonus, maybe you remember the series when it was first published by Sumach Press? Here are the original covers and original titles:

357657  1569115


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