Air Awakens Affinity Tour: Firebearer


Whether or not you’re new to the world of Elise Kova’s Air Awakens, elemental powers are fairly straightforward: air, water, fire, and earth–sorcerers can each control one. But what makes the magic in Air Awakens so interesting is the unique abilities Elise has given to each of her affinities. Whether someone is a grounderbreaker, a waterrunner, a windwalker, or a firebearer, each type of elemental magic has a few unexpected abilities–like the firebearers and their ability to see into the future. Name another book where fire-magic does that!

So yes, maybe that’s partially the reason why I chose firebearer as my Air Awakens affinity. But that’s not the only reason! I also think they sound kick-ass. I mean, who wouldn’t have fun punching something with a fiery fist?


Your emotions run hot and people know you have fire in your veins. You can be a warm heat to those who get close to you. But, when crossed, that warmth can easily turn into an inferno. In a scrap you prefer to fight with your fists, alight with fire, over weapons.

You think deeply about the future because you can hone your ability to see along the red lines of fate that connects everyone in the world. Perhaps you keep this gift of future-seeing to yourself. Or, perhaps you sell it in a Curiosity Shop.

You are just like: Crown Prince Aldrik and Larel Neiress

If you’d like to discover your own Air Awakens affinity, there’s a fun quiz you can take! [Here’s the link!]

Alternatively: are you a Gryffindor, a Ravenclaw, a Hufflepuff, or a Slytherin? Maybe it would help if you knew which Air Awakens affinity I thought best fit each Hogwarts house?

G_finalAre you brave and fierce like a Gryffindor? Then your affinity might just be with the windwalkers! You value freedom and your levitation powers have endless potential. And since you’re hardly scared of heights, the world is at your fingertips.


Are you clever and ambitious like a Slytherin? Then your affinity might just be with the firebearers! With the ability to look into the future, you’d constantly stay one step ahead of your peers–or perhaps you’d use your new talent to help others find their way (I would!).


Are you intelligent and book-smart like a Ravenclaw? Then your affinity might just be with the groundbreakers! You can read people’s secrets right off their skin–imagine what you could do with that knowledge!


Are you hardworking and resourceful like a Hufflepuff? Then your affinity might just be with the waterrunners! You can make anything out of ice, and you can always find the truth hidden behind illusions due to your ability to refract water in the air!

So, if your interest is peaked, check out the Air Awakens Fan Club on Goodreads or the Air Awakens Read-Along, happening soon!



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